Top 5 Tips economical home cleaning materials at hand

February 20th, 2014

After the holidays, our apartment , especially the kitchen , are in terrible condition . But what if there is no detergent , and run to the store once ? Here are 5 Tips economical cleaning materials at hand .

1. Clear the kitchen towels
During cooking takes up to four towels. Wipe your hands , lay a spoon for stirring , hold the greasy pan , dry washed dishes ... Towels are needed for a variety of purposes . Especially if a lot of dishes ! But no need to save . It is important that the kitchen while cooking was neat . Naturally, then to wash kitchen towels is not easy. Previously, they were often changed to new , not yet found one effective way ... I hope it will help you !
So: in a bucket of boiling water add two tablespoons of vegetable oil, two tablespoons of dry bleach ( very simple , which was previously used for boiling laundry ) and incomplete glass detergent. Next put in a hot solution of dirty towels and leave until cool . Will only rinse . I do not know what kind of chemical processes taking place there , but all depart grease stains .

2 . If clogged sink
Often, mothers ask their children to help in cooking. And kids do not understand much : where , for example, peel the vegetables ? As a result of clogged sink quickly . What to do?
To unclog drains , use such means , first pour a glass of soda in the tube , and then pour a half cup of vinegar . Close the drain. Wait 30 minutes and rinse with hot water. The situation will improve , even if the blockage is very strong.

3 . Scratches on the table
Sometimes we come to the aid of their husbands . They are willing to do the basic things : for example , cut vegetables or bread. But not all of them will be in the hands of a cutting board . In this case, you risk to get traces from the knife on a wooden table . But there is a perfect solution !
Take walnut and carefully rub the povrezhd ` nnuyu surface. Then rub the soft cloth. Surprised by the result ? Miracle walnut oil helps hide the flaws on any wood.

4 . burnt pan
Often undercooked food and leaves dishes in a terrible state . Cope with such a problem may help to remedy: 1/4 cup baking soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide. A paste that cleans everything: stove, oven , pots and even a refrigerator . Be sure to thoroughly rinse with water !

5 . soiled carpet
Rarely holidays are celebrated in the kitchen - usually try to cover a table in the living room . And there - the carpet! What if it fell on a salad or spilled juice?
We need the empty containers with spray . It should be lowered tablespoon of baking soda , 1/3 cup of vinegar and a tablespoon of detergent. Then add hot water so that it did not reach 5 cm to the edge of the container. Shake well to all the components were mixed . Now spray the product on the spot , wait three minutes and brush them . All the dirt will depart very easy !

How to remove from the refrigerator odor resistant missing products

October 26th, 2013

Once opened the fridge, you are dissatisfied with wrinkled her nose , "What 's that smell ? " Options may be many, but the challenge in front of you now, at the time of detection of foreign " flavor ", one - how to remove the odor from the refrigerator ? And anyway, if I'm such a model housewife , from which I could take that smell ?
After reviewing the reasons for the emergence of outsiders, often unpleasant odors in the refrigerator , you can do your best to avoid this occurring . Once " settled " in the fridge, the smell can be very persistent, and then without radical methods can not do !
Products are stored in the refrigerator without packaging. You will , perhaps, be difficult to believe, but completely harmless sausage or fish in the refrigerator can be a scourge , literally " soaked " the entire contents of the smell .
"The Forgotten " products . Small sachets , packets , like unremarkable , but left for a long time without human attention , can cause an unpleasant smell - they can go bad , and then the specific " smell " you provided.
Alternatively foreign smell - the smell of a new, just bought a refrigerator . Peculiar smell of metal , machine grease , plastic parts , in general, all completely not what should smell in your refrigerator !
If your refrigerator - a completely new , it is quite possible that ordinary washing it off the inner walls with a solution of baking soda or a dish detergent will be sufficient. Particularly persistent odors "novelty" will eliminate ammonia (only themselves stay away from it - the smell is very sharp ! ) As an option - an ordinary vodka or alcohol . After washing the need to open the fridge and leave to air for a few hours - how much will be needed to eliminate all odors .
More often defrost your fridge , do not forget to pre disconnected from the power supply. Defrost - an excellent opportunity to make a " revision " in your frosty friend, washing walls and shelves detergent. By the same (and if? ) You may well find lying around in the depths of the depths of white jar of caviar or a tasty beer !
To store the products, use special containers , which provide virtually airtight clogging the main thing - working out in their opening , because we are not trying to turn the fridge into a mausoleum . Incidentally, the liquid food left in the refrigerator in the clear, may contribute to premature freezing snow "coat" on the walls .

How to remove the odor from the refrigerator
1. During defrost the refrigerator and washing all the operations were carried out as thoroughly as possible - a tiny slice of ham or a drop of sour cream left in the fridge for a "second life ", can cause the appearance from nowhere seized smell.
2 . Thoroughly rinse the drain hole - it can also remain pieces of food and produce odor .
3 . The use of improvised kitchen facilities (and not just the kitchen ) .

A solution of vinegar
You can try to wipe the refrigerator with a solution of vinegar. Generally considered to be the record for the vinegar eliminate unpleasant "flavors" , not only from the refrigerator. You will need to wash the vinegar diluted with water one by one , in this solution soak the cloth and wipe the surface of the inside of the refrigerator . To consolidate the achieved results can be a little prepared solution pour into a small jar and leave for two hours on one of the shelves in the corner. Typically, this surgery is enough , but if does not work - go ahead !

A solution of baking soda
Inside the operating capacity of the refrigerator can be placed with a solution of baking soda , and it can not dissolve , just leave an open box soda powder. Be sure to notify all members of the family in order to avoid the use of salt or baking soda instead of vanilla ! Soda should be changed periodically - about every three months.

Charcoal and activated carbon
Copes well with the " soaking " odors and coal - as a tree ( barbecue ) and activated ( by poisoning ) . Coal need to grind to a powder , sprinkled on a plate or dish and refrigerate overnight. All that you alarmed in the refrigerator in terms of unwanted odors to disappear in the morning ! As a precaution, you can keep a small jar in the refrigerator all the time.

A solution of ammonia - a means rather unpleasant , but very effective . Most of the refrigerator is absolutely no odor , and all you have to do - eliminate the smell of the ammonia . This can be achieved prolonged ventilation (such as a refrigerator , and the entire apartment as a whole ) .

4 . Manufacturers of household refrigerators made ​​sure to help us eliminate peculiar smell - they have developed special air fresheners - ionizers , they are fixed inside the refrigerator and run on batteries . Of science and technology can also be noted specially devised odor absorbers , but it's fair to say that the principle of operation is based on the fact that in such a " scavenger " is a standard part of the coal .

Pleasant and refreshing scent of lemon - your true friend in combating unpleasant odors in the refrigerator. Put a few drops of lemon and rub this solution inside a refrigerator . You can leave a slice of lemon on a saucer , it also helps eliminate odors .

Remarkably absorb odors plain black bread - you need to cut it into slices and leave in the refrigerator overnight. Do not forget to then throw bread - bread mold smell is very persistent , and after you will be difficult to get rid of it !

The list of products that eliminate odors - rice , onion , garlic , salt , sugar , all kinds of spices , citrus . Use them in combination with washing the walls of the refrigerator with solutions of vinegar or baking soda - so you're guaranteed to eliminate the smell , not zamaskiruete it stronger and sharper.

Finally, we add that after you have cleaned and washed your fridge , and put on one of his shelves jar with the odor-absorbing material , to include a refrigerator and allow it to freeze a little "idle ." Do not rush to fill the food clean white shelves , let your agent will begin to "work" and soak up the remnants of the smell. Good luck !

Suede Shoes : Taking care properly

September 12th, 2013

Shoes made of suede and nubuck - comfortable and stylish - a desire for every fashionista . But not all are solved on the purchase. Many are afraid of the special care that needs suede shoes. Of course, in order to permanently retain new dress attractive , delicate material in need of care and the use of specialized equipment. But if you understand , care for suede shoes are not so terrible as is .
First of all, you need to remember : suede shoes designed for dry weather . In spring and autumn wear it should not be . It will not do it , and for those occasions when going to be a lot. Despite all the convenience , suede shoes, rather, a grand option.

The first thing we need is your suede shoes - is the protection . Bringing new clothes from the store , wipe it dry with a soft cloth or brush and treat with a solution of water-repellent ( nanospreem ) . Spray it on the surface of clean shoes, until it is slightly damp , then dry 10-12 hours. This will protect delicate composition of the material from exposure to dirt , dust , moisture and salt solutions . Treatment needs to be repeated periodically , restoring the protective layer.
To clean suede shoes should be very gently. Strong pressure somnet fiber , and your shoes will lose the appealing look.
The easiest way to care for suede shoes in the winter. Enough to shake off the snow with a shoe brush , wipe dry with a soft cloth ( flannel ), and put out to dry on a radiator . For thorough cleaning, you can use a brush with a pile of flannel .

Caring for suede shoes in the summer a bit more complicated . Here it is important to know how to clean suede shoes.
To clean suede shoes, will have to try . What can be done in any case, since it is washed suede shoes and use the funds to care for leather shoes. It is death for shoes in suede or nubuck .
A dry dusty, clean suede shoes soft flannel cloth or a special brush for suede . If the shoe is wet, before cleaning it must be dried .
Remove stains with a special stain remover for nubuck and suede. You can use a regular school or a special eraser . These compact erasers can even carry, to use in case of need. Eraser not only eliminate the stain but also ruffled nap , refreshing kind of shoes .
Great art facility for the care of suede shoes - foam - cleaner in spray cans . She gently but deeply cleans fleecy material . This preserves the structure of the fibers and the brightness of the color . Spray foam to dry shoes from a short distance , evenly over the surface of flannel or silk cloth. After a minute , remove the foam dried up along with the dirt and put the shoes to dry.
If the oil slick is not displayed , rub it with gasoline or sprinkle talcum powder. After a few hours of clean shoes with a brush with hard bristles .
Heavily soiled suede shoes treated with soap and water . In the warm water to dissolve the soap (or powder for delicate washing) and add a little ammonia ( 1:5). This solution with a brush wipe shoes, paying special attention to contaminated sites. Then, just as clean suede with cold water , wipe dry silk cloth and allow to dry .
To remove the shiny patches , use a cotton swab moistened with ammonia . Wipe them strongly zalosnivshiesya place , then lift the pile across the surface of the shoe with a brush or a rubber eraser .
Structural view of suede perfectly restores the "hot bath ." To do this, hold the shoe above the boiling kettle or saucepan , and then wipe with a soft cloth or swab. Steaming pile in front acquire original form. This procedure is recommended periodically after cleaning suede shoes.

Suede damaging sunlight : it burns the color pigments . Suede shoes for a long time left on the light , it becomes bluish or greenish . Suffers constantly from the sun summer shoes in suede . Therefore, proper care of suede shoes involves the use of special spray paint that matches the color of your shoes .
In order to refresh the look of your favorite shoes in suede , clean it , dry it and evenly spray paint from a container . Again, dry shoes and raise the pile brush or rubber eraser . Special paint exposed gently without destroying the structure of the suede.
Thanks to modern means to care for suede, your shoes will always be presentable. At the same time caring for suede shoes will be , if not pleasant , it 's not complicated. And you will be able to fully assess the merits of suede shoes .

How to wash baby clothes : 7 Rules

September 6th, 2013

Wash children's things - it's the responsible thing ! Therefore, it is important to adhere to the basic rules .

1. Never wash odezhki toddler up , along with the things of adult family members .

2 . Do not forget to sort clothes by color (not likely you'll like the sudden change of color favorite white body from the wardrobe of your young ladies .)

3 . Children's clothes need to rinse well , so do not forget to use the extra rinse mode .

4 . Remember that pre- soaking is very effective, especially if heavy contamination . To the bits of food , juice stains and dirt wash off better , soak odezhku child in warm soapy water for 30-40 minutes. Very stubborn stains sodium soap for washing children's things.

5 . In no case did not Krahmal children's clothes and baby bedding .

6. During the washing children's things do not use "adult" fabric conditioner .

7. Always observe the wash items which are specified on the label apparel ( ie not in any way do not wash your woolen jacket at 50 ° C, unless specified on the label wash at 30 ° C).

Top 5 most healthy breakfast!

March 21st, 2013

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal does not have to remember as the most "terrible" porridge, which we ate as a child, or rather that we were forced to eat. There are many recipes for oatmeal, you'll want to eat every day, and most importantly, that of her much good. Let us accustom ourselves in the morning writing this salad beauty, his foundation - oatmeal, and it will be added to different goodies.

- Recipe number 1 - French salad Beauty
For preparation you need: 2 spoonfuls of oatmeal, 5 tablespoons cold boiled water, 3 tablespoons boiled cold milk 1 large apple, juice of one lemon. Preparation: You need to pour the oatmeal with water and leave them for an hour. Then add the milk, sugar and grated on a coarse grater with apple peel. Squeeze the juice from the lemon and season them lettuce! - Recipe number 2 - Salad Cleopatra.

For preparation, you should: Oat flakes - 4 tbsp. spoons, milk or yogurt - 100-150 gr. (Can substitute for apple juice or water - as you like), carrots - 1, apple - 1, sour cream - 2 tbsp. spoons (can substitute 1 tablespoon of crude oil), prunes - 5-10 pieces, raisins - 1 part handful, honey - 1-2 tsp. Preparation: Soak oatmeal in a liquid (milk, yogurt, juice, water) to swell. Carrot and apple grate, add sour cream (oil), raisins, chopped prunes, oatmeal (pre-pour the remaining liquid), honey. Mix well and garnish with slices of apples and prunes.

- American Beauty salad.
For the preparation you will need: 5 tablespoons of rolled oats, 5 tablespoons milk, 1-2 tablespoons of honey and nuts. Preparation: Oatmeal fill the night with cold boiled water. In the morning, add 5 tablespoons of milk, honey and nuts.

2. Cheese

Easy, healthy, tasty and filling breakfast!

- Cottage cheese with fruit.
For the preparation you will need: 200 grams of cottage cheese, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 banana, nuts. Cooking: Banana narezhte small pieces and mix with cheese, season with honey and nuts.

- Cottage cheese with berries.
For preparation you need: 200 grams of cheese, 100 grams of any fruit, 50 grams of sour cream, 1 teaspoon of sugar. Preparation: Mix the cottage cheese and sour cream, add a lot of berries and sugar. - Cottage cheese and milk.

For the preparation you will need: 100 grams of fresh, cottage cheese, 125 ml milk, 15 ml sugar syrup can be replaced with a teaspoon of sugar, and raisins. Cooking: Cheese mash, add a tablespoon of milk, sugar syrup and raisins. Serve with milk.

Very tasty breakfast - cheese with herbs.
In the portion of curd finely narezhte greens you love. For example - the dill. Maybe a little salt and pepper - a matter of taste.

3. Omelet - Omelet with herbs.

For the preparation you will need: 2 eggs, 50 grams of milk, any herbs - dill, parsley, basil, etc., salt, pepper. Preparation: Beat eggs with milk, add the chopped herbs, salt and pepper.

Protein omelet with greens.
For the preparation you will need: 3 eggs, 100 grams of greens, 2 tbsp. l. milk, vegetable oil, salt, pepper. Preparation: Separate the whites from the yolks. Beat the whites with the milk until simmering. Narezhte greens and add to proteins. Salt and pepper to taste.

4. Sandwich

Yes, you heard right, it is a sandwich, but not simple, but very useful!

- Recipe number 1
For preparation you need: whole wheat bread, 100 grams of boiled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato. Preparation: On a piece of bread, put lettuce, chicken on top and garnish with tomato slices and all that. Tasty and healthy.

- Recipe number 2
For preparation you need: whole wheat bread, 100 grams of cheese, any greens, salt. Preparation: Mix the cottage cheese with finely chopped herbs, salt, namazhte resulting mass of bread and enjoy))).

5. Salad
To prepare the salad useful nuzhnopolnostyu you forget about such a tasty and fat mayonnaise, and instead use natural yogurt. He is best suited for filling salads morning.

- Salad with beef.
For the preparation you will need: 150 grams of boiled beef or veal, canned peas, 1 egg, yogurt, and salt. Preparation: The beef and egg narezhte pieces, add the peas, season with yogurt.

- Salad with chicken.
For the preparation you will need: 150 grams of cooked chicken, peppers, arugula, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper. Preparation: Narezhte Chicken, paprika rezhte slices, cherry tomatoes in half, to separate the arugula leaves. Mix all ingredients together and season with olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. - Fruit salad.
Recipe think up. Your favorite fruit plus yogurt or honey!

12 easy steps to strengthen immunity

March 21st, 2013

1. Reduce Stress
Small and short-lived stress even useful. But chronic stress can be very harmful to your health. First of all, it has a detrimental effect on the immune system is, weakening its protective svoystva.Naydite little time for relaxation and fun classes to reduce stress.

2. Regular Sex
It turns out that sex is good for strengthening the body's resistance to infections. Studies show that people who have sex more often, are less susceptible to infectious diseases during the cold season.

3. Wash your hands
One of the easiest ways to help your immune system - regular hand-washing. It is recommended to wash hands with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds. Can be used as a hand sanitizer solution or an alcohol-based gel, which are composed of at least 60% alcohol.

4. Get enough sleep
Without enough sleep your immune system at risk. Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Before going to sleep, avoid caffeine and alcohol, as well as keep the bedroom a comfortable temperature.

5. Restrict alcohol
Drinking alcohol is part of many cultures. But the frequent use of alcohol can weaken the immune system. To minimize this risk, men should drink no more than two drinks per day, for example no more than two glasses of wine. Women are advised to drink no more than one glass of wine a day.

6. Physical activity
One of the easiest ways to strengthen the immune system - it is physical exercise. Regular exercise can also reduce stress and help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, heart disease and some cancers. Any type of movement is useful, including cycling, walking, yoga, swimming or golfing.

7. Take your vitamins
Autumn - it's time to think about taking vitamin complexes. Your body will get everything needed for construction of protective immune system proteins. Particularly important for the health of immunity selenium, vitamins A, C, D, E, zinc and magnesium. Ask your doctor about which vitamins drug is right for you.

8. Herbs and Supplements
Many people take herbal teas or phytonutrients to improve their health and strengthen immunity. These include garlic, ginseng, milk thistle, astragalus, and probiotics, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Talk to your doctor about which supplements may be useful to you.

9. Avoid empty calories
Processed foods such as fast food, snacks, sweets, do not give a lot of vitamins, fiber and other nutrients. On the contrary, they often contain harmful additives and chemicals that are even "kill" your immune system.

10. Communication and positive emotions
We all know friends are important, but a strong relationship can also have a big impact on your health. Communicate with pleasant and interesting people. Keep a positive attitude: to smile and laugh. Positive emotions are beneficial to the immune system.

11. A diet rich in antioxidants
Many fruits and vegetables in your diet will help you get a healthy dose of antioxidants. These substances protect cells from free radicals - molecules that can damage cells. Choose fruits and vegetables of different colors and use them in every meal.

12. Get a Pet
Dogs, cats and other pets can be a source of positive emotions and health. Scientists have shown that having a pet helps lower blood pressure and maintain low cholesterol and improve heart health. One study suggests that the presence of dogs in the house helps improve the immune system and may reduce the risk of allergies in children.

How fast and easy to clean in the bathroom for 5 minutes?

March 21st, 2013

Only some 5 minutes daily cleaning - and your bathroom will shine constantly clean. Doubt? And you try!

1 minute
These sixty seconds spend on it to posobirat scattered things on the surfaces of shelves, near the sink and on the floor. For example, dirty laundry - in the basket, carcasses for eyelashes - in makeup and cotton pads - a tabletop. It's simple!

2 Minutes
Here we move to fast cleaning. Rapid movements apply the cleaner to the toilet and a bathroom, and then clear the brush or brush, wash off. We pass a cloth on horizontal surfaces.
NB! While cleaning, try to use ecological detergents or cleaning products, do yourself (based on vinegar, mustard or tea tree oil).

3 min
This minute is devoted to "straightening" or "leveling". Carefully hang the towels, put the jars evenly, level blinds for the bathroom. With this task can be handled in less than 60 seconds!

4 minutes
We're in the home stretch! These 60 seconds are committed mirrors and faucets. Rub them to shine and smile at her reflection.

5 minutes
There was not enough time for something? Then this minute - spare. Can use it to clean, and you can for yourself - do exercises for eyes, workout for the hands or neck massage.

Getting Started with the instructions, remember that they need to perform daily. 5 minutes easily divided into five one-minute per day approaches. And then your bathroom will shine clean 24 hours a day.

How to recognize natural honey?

March 21st, 2013

- To determine the presence of impurities using the following method: a spoonful of honey dissolved in a small amount of distilled water, add four drops of iodine - in that case, if the solution turned blue - certainly in the honey added starch.

- A real honey inherent softness, fineness consistency - if honey when grinding between your leaves lumps - before you fake.

- Uneven crystallization of honey is a sure sign of a fake.

- Determine presence in honey syrup as follows: lower in a small piece of bread, honey, in the event that in ten minutes the bread hardens - you're in luck to you real honey. If the bread and limp razmok - a fake.

- The presence of water in honey is determined by chemical pencil. Pound drop of honey in the palm, draw a line in indelible ink, in the event that this will be the vague or will have a bluish hue, honey has been added to the water.

Spices health!

March 21st, 2013

Turmeric. Her enormous number of species. It is part of many spices, the most popular of which - curry. Turmeric is a warming spice and immunnostimuliruyuschey and added to drinks in the treatment of colds. It was also shown that one of the substances that make up the spices - bisdemetoksikurkumin is immunnomodulyatorom stimulating phagocytosis of amyloid-beta (the accumulation of which is the cause of Alzheimer's disease).

Saffron. Saffron is very easy to confuse with turmeric and in our markets, you'll probably just sell it, but under the guise of saffron. Real saffron is very expensive and it is difficult to find. One of the tests - Take a small amount of saffron, put on the wrist and severely pound - you must be hot. Saffron helps maintain vision in good condition, up to prevent blindness. Throw in the purification of blood, help with headaches and insomnia, kidney cleansing, toning and rejuvenating effect on the entire body. It turns out that the spice does get gold not only in color.

Rosemary. Improves digestion, increases blood pressure, perfectly tones the body. Goes well as a seasoning for meat or sun-dried tomatoes!

Thyme (thyme). In ancient times, thyme was the "divine grass", which was able to not only restore human health and lives. Perfectly goes with meat and vegetable dishes.

Perets.Takzhe known as cayenne pepper or chili. It is the highest content of vitamin C and vitamin A among vegetables. Also it is used for various shocks - heart attacks, fainting and bleeding. It expands the blood vessels, where they are narrowed, and narrows when expanded. It is made spirits, which is used for pain in the heart instead of nitroglycerin.

Black pepper. Helps digestion and improves appetite.

Garlic. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. In addition, it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, has parasiticide properties. In addition, some of the components that make up the garlic, enter into a reaction with red blood cells and thus reduce the pressure on the walls of blood vessels, which contributes to greater blood flow.

Cumin. Improves kidney, aids in digestion, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar. Added to sauces and baking, and goes well with meat and fish. Goes well with braised cabbage, and I like to add it to the risotto.

Coriander. Improves appetite, aids in digestion and is a cholagogue. In the form of coriander seeds added to meat dishes, fish and baked goods. The green part of the plant - is coriander, which is added to a lot of salads and other dishes.

Cardamom. Cardamom is a natural tonic and helps to wake up fine. Especially if you add it to coffee. It is useful if you exercise and improves the heart muscle. Typically added to baked goods, as in tea and coffee. When mixed with other spices added to the meat and fish.

Nutmeg. Here with this spice is better to be careful, because nutmeg is a hallucinogen in large quantities acts as a narcotic. It was used in their rituals residents Malaysian archipelago and South American Indians. In cooking, used in baking and as an additive to some vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, asparagus, cauliflower), is often added to coffee mixed with cardamom and cinnamon.

Ginger. Ginger is added to teas and pastries, goes well with meat dishes and soups. Especially popular in Thai, Indian and Chinese cuisines. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, helps with arthritis, appetite, lowers cholesterol, normalizes blood vessels.

Cinnamon. Helps fight colds and lowers blood sugar (helps in the treatment of diabetes of the second type). Typically used in baking, added to coffee, tea and some alcoholic beverages. Sometimes added to the mixture to cook chicken recipes for Indian and Chinese cuisine.

Vanilla. Fresh vanilla pods also are not very cheap, especially in our latitudes. Mainly used in the confectionery business, added to the curd, dough for pancakes, biscuits, cakes, mousses, creams and other desserts. Vanilla improves digestion, neutralizes acidity and normalizes blood sugar. So if you - a lover of sweets, often add it to homemade pastries and desserts 😉

Carnation. Cloves are added to sweet, and mixed with black pepper, it is suitable for lamb and pork. Carnation is a good antiseptic and makes breathing easier for colds. So that it can also be added to tea or hot milk. But be careful - do not forget that it is quite urgent!

How to treat the fur?

March 21st, 2013

1. Strongly recommended to be worn on a shoulder bag - as the point of contact on the coat with strap bags pile "broken", and eventually fur and does rub off and fall out.

2. Like human skin, fur products are very sensitive to "overdrying." So fur is not necessary to dry near heat, store in direct sunlight. Also, do not enable the car seat heating.

3. Regarding whether it is possible to comb fur, opinions differ. Someone does not recommend brushing fur, trust is offering professional cleaning. But still, if matted fur, the "problem" areas can be carefully comb comb with long, rare and very sharp teeth.

4. Fur should "breathe", so you can not store furs in PE - Case coat should be made of loose natural fabric (for example, from flax), painted in a dark color, or else from a special porous material. White fur can protect against premature yellowing, if stored in a dark blue jacket.

5. The worst enemy of Fur - mole. Therefore, in the closet with coat is desirable to place a sachet of lavender, geranium, or a special "antimolevye" means.

6. Yet it should be remembered that the fur that are not, "older" half the time. So walk in the frost in a fluffy coat will not only raise your spirits, but also help save your favorite thing.